Monetize Your Open Source Project's Support

Offer SLA to your open source project's users.

Why It Works

You went open source

You may have started it from scratch, or you may have open sourced some proprietary work you’ve done. You wanted to give back to the community, to gain recognition, maybe just to get some feedback. You published an open source project. Next thing you know, you have users. Sometimes tens, hundreds and maybe even thousands of them.

Your users rely on you

Your users love what you did. They use it, and they come to rely on it. Sometimes they have problems and they ask for your help. Sometimes they go as far as to solve their problems and they send you pull requests so you can integrate it with your core project.

Work piles up

Suddenly your project becomes a burden. You can’t commit to it because you do it voluntarily, and on the other hand you get pressure from your users as if you were a commercial provider. Someone will suffer - Either you, your users, or you may even decide to quit the project altogether.

Vizsla to the rescue

This is where Vizsla fits in. We fill the gap between your limited resources and your user's expectations. We create an infrastructure for you to commit to support your users when they need it, and for them to support you financialy for being there for them. It’s a great deal where everybody becomes happy.

How It Works

Hook Your GitHub Repository

Connect your GitHub to Vizsla and select the repository you want to provide SLA support for.

Define Support Packages

Set the pricing for the various support packages, or use the suggested defaults. We'll add a nifty badge to your repository's README, and a default which you can edit.

Be Attentive to the VIZSLA label

Whenever a user who is entitled to your service submits or comments on an issue or pull request, it will be labelled with the VIZSLA label. Respond within the time frame you've defined in your SLA.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How am I being paid?

    We'll collect all payments for you and send you one monthly payment via PayPal.

  • Do you take a commission?

    Yes, we take 10% commission.

  • What Github permission are you requiring and why?

    We ask for user:email so we can contact you via email, admin:repo_hook so we can setup a hook on your repository and be notified by Github of new issues and pull requests, and public_repo so we can add the Vizsla badge to your repository's file and file to your repository

  • Are you modifying anything in my repository?

    The only two things that we touch is your file, where we add the Vizsla badge, and we also add a file to your repository.

  • What excatly am I commiting for here?

    You define it for yourself, we can't dictate anything. We provide a basic SLA file that defines the parameters of the service you intend to provide. Modify it as you will to suit your wishes. This SLA is what you're commiting to.

  • Can I quit if it's not for me?

    Sure. We will simply notify your clients, stop collecting payments from them, and may even refund their last charge.

Are You Ready to take your open source project to the next level?

Offer SLA support, that's the missing link.